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If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, unfortunately, it is very likely that many aspects of your life will be negatively impacted, including your physical health and your ability to make a living.  You need to focus on yourself and your family, as opposed to worrying about medical bills and insurance company tactics.  You must understand that insurance companies representing an at-fault party are not on your side.  Their job is to pay out as little as possible on your claim.  Therefore, you must be wary of early settlement offers. 

So how do you get compensated for your injuries, lost time at work, pain and suffering, and other damages?  If you have personally suffered damages or injuries, you probably want to know how to organize your life and pursue an effective compensation.  Here are four steps:

  1. Seek Medical Attention-- If the accident caused broken bones or serious lacerations, you’ve probably already been to the doctor or the emergency room. But even if you’re only suffering something such as “minor” pain in your neck, seek medical attention anyway.  Document what your doctors and caregivers tell you. 
  2. Collect Information from the Accident-- Exchange information with all drivers and witnesses to the accident, such as contact information, driver’s license and insurance numbers and email addresses. Take pictures of the crash scene and any injuries with a cellphone camera. Fill out a police report and get a copy of the report. If you’re too injured to collect information, have a friend or passenger help you.
  3. Avoid admitting fault or discussing your matter with an insurance company representative before you have a chance to talk with an attorney.
    An insurance adjuster working on behalf of the other driver’s insurance company might call you up a few days later to ask you to sign broad medical, psychiatric, employment, medical insurance, and academic records, past, present and future. Such releases often allow the insurer to send all of your records to just about anyone they see fit, including credit agencies and other insurers and agencies.
  4. Retain a qualified Attorney as soon as possible.
    Time may be of the essence. For instance, you may need to act swiftly to preserve evidence from the scene, photograph the vehicles before they are scrapped, engage in essential forensic work, and talk to witnesses. Please contact Nicholas D. Waite to discuss your potential car accident case at no charge. Call us now at 855-566-3948.

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