Legal Guidance To

Help You Achieve Your Goals

The Law Offices of Nicholas D. Waite, PLLC offers skilled assistance
in criminal defense, personal injury law and uncontested divorce cases.

Experienced Legal Guidance To Help You Achieve Your Goals
Experienced Legal Advice In Criminal Defense

Family Law And Personal Injury Law

Almost every legal matter is more complicated than it needs to be. At The Law Offices of Nicholas D. Waite, PLLC, we strive to help you cut through the confusion and reach a resolution in a timely manner. We appreciate the value of your time and resources, and we work hard to use them both efficiently.

Whether you are considering a divorce, facing criminal charges or recovering from an avoidable injury, our firm is here to provide skilled and prompt answers to all of your legal questions. We understand that all of these legal matters can cause a great deal of stress; we aim to lift as much of that burden as possible from your shoulders, and help you reach the outcome you are seeking.
The Guidance You Need In A

Variety Of Legal Matters

Legal questions aren’t always cut and dry. Everyone has unique needs and priorities that can make it even harder to navigate the law, which is why it’s so important to work with an experienced attorney who can help you find your way.
At The Law Offices of Nicholas D. Waite, PLLC, our practice is focused on three main legal services:
Family law:

Family law:

We will help you file for an uncontested divorce and navigate related matters such as property division, support and child custody.

Criminal defense:

Criminal defense:

If you are facing a misdemeanor or felony charge, we will help you mount a strong defense and minimize the impact of the charges on your life.
Personal injury:

Personal injury:

If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence or malice, we will help you press charges and use civil litigation to obtain financial compensation for the harm you have suffered.
When you bring your case to us, we will provide clear answers to your questions and help you understand the legal context behind the strategies we suggest. You’ll leave your first consultation with all the information you need to make sound legal decisions, and our top priority is that each of our clients feel well-equipped to make important legal decisions with confidence based on our legal advice.
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Nick was there for me when I needed legal counsel. I have personally witnessed from START to FINISH his passion for truth and justice in representing his clients! Nick is a true professional and a pillar in the Nashville community. Nick’s no-nonsense, hand-on approach knows no bounds in fighting for the rights of his clients. Thanks Nick!

-Gary G.


Our homeowner association has had tremendous success in recovering delinquent monies since we began using Mr. Waite. We had previously used a larger law firm but the manner in which the attorneys communicated with our residents at times caused a “hostile living environment.” Mr. Waite has been very effective in not only collecting our accounts but treating our homeowners respectfully. As a board member, I am much more at ease out in my community knowing that Mr. Waite conducts business this way.

-Collections Client


Mr. Waite promptly returns phone calls, kept me very informed on the status of my pending litigation. He clearly explained each step of the process and did not hesitate to answer any of my questions.



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Nicholas D. Waite has been practicing as a criminal defense, family law and personal injury attorney for more than a decade. During that time, he’s accrued valuable knowledge and experience that he applies in each new case, to help you achieve the best outcome available. When you come to our firm for legal help, you’ll get steadfast support and sound advice. We provide each client with our undivided attention and a personalized legal strategy based on the details of your story as well as your personal priorities.