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What Our Clients Have to Say

“Nick was there for me when I needed legal counsel. I have personally witnessed from START to FINISH his passion for truth and justice in representing his clients! Nick is a true professional and a pillar in the Nashville community. Nick’s no-nonsense, hand-on approach knows no bounds in fighting for the rights of his clients. Thanks Nick!”


-Gary G.

“Our homeowner association has had tremendous success in recovering delinquent monies since we began using Mr. Waite. We had previously used a larger law firm but the manner in which the attorneys communicated with our residents at times caused a “hostile living environment.” Mr. Waite has been very effective in not only collecting our accounts but treating our homeowners respectfully. As a board member, I am much more at ease out in my community knowing that Mr. Waite conducts business this way.”


-Collections Client

“Mr. Waite promptly returns phone calls, kept me very informed on the status of my pending litigation. He clearly explained each step of the process and did not hesitate to answer any of my questions.”